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Advanced Computer Skills:

 Your child will learn the principals of how a Gaming Computer works.  Each child with their team will have an opportunity to dismantle a working computer and reassemble it. Children will learn basic computer repair - do you have a broken computer sitting around then bring it to the camp?

Learn the fundamentals of PC building:

  • What are the components and what do they do?

  • How to tell what are “good” components? Why are some more expensive?

  • How to troubleshoot damaged components

  • Disassemble and upgrade computers

Learn the basics of Software:

  • Operating system- BIOS vs Windows vs Mac

  • How to install a new copy of Windows

  • Ways to make my computer faster inexpensively

  • What is “the cloud”? Saving files to the computer’s drive versus the cloud

  • Why are there several different places to save things?

  • Tips on fixing software bugs

  • Learn to access old locked computers and transfer the data


Board and Video Gaming: 

  • Strategic group board game contests using classic games such as Chess & Risk.  Competition based

  • Xbox Game Pass video game contests.

  • Fortnite team play battles

  • Team Play and Individual Play 


*We ask you mark if your child has an expressed interest in learning computer skills or would rather be in the Gaming group as we plan to separate the two groups for a bulk of the day.


Grades 4 and up 

• All camps focus on fun with educational side benefits - your children will not be bored

• Relaxed school rules - not overly strict

• Phones & electronic devices permitted

• Free WiFi available to children

• Snacks, beverages and candy

• Lunches provided daily


Please email with questions.

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